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Caperucita Roja

Vocabulary Guide


Here is a list of many of the words in the story on the previous page. Note that the definitions in this list are not complete; they are designed to give primarily the meanings of these words as they are used in the story.

abalanzarse sobre — to fall on top of
abuela — grandmother
acechar — to stalk
ahogar — to drown
de ahora en adelante — from now on
anciano — old person
ardilla listada — chipmunk
atravesar — to go across
bosque — forest
de cabeza — head first
cambiar — to change
capa — cape
Caperucita Roja — Little Red Riding Hood
castigar — to punish
cazador — hunter
cesta — basket
charca — pond
ciervo — deer
cuchillo — knife
en cuanto a — with regard to
dar media vuelta — to turn halfway around
desdichado — unfortunate
despertar — to wake up
devorar — to devour
dirigirse a — to head toward
echar un vistazo — to check things out
enseguida — very soon
entretener — to get sidetracked
gorro — bonnet
había una vez — there once was
harto — full of food
juicioso — sensible
junto — together
llenar — to fill
lobo — wolf
malvado — wicked
a menudo — frequently
meterse — to enter
mientras tanto — meanwhile
oreja — ear
pesar — to have weight
piedra — rock
prometer — to promise
próximo — nearby
rajar — to slice open
ramo — bouquet
de repente — at once
ronco — hoarse
sacar — to take out
sed — thirst
segador — harvester
seguir — to follow, to continue
suave — soft
susto — fright
tratar de — to try to
tumbado — lying down
vientre — belly

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