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Spanish Verb Conjugations

Verbs Beginning with 'O'


Following are most of the irregular Spanish verbs that begin with the letter O and some common regular ones (irregular verbs are in boldface). Verb links will take you to a page that lists conjugated forms of the verb along with, in some cases, links to lessons or pages focusing on that verb.

If the name of the verb is followed by an asterisk (*), the conjugation page will be for a verb that is conjugated in the same pattern as the verb linked.

Definitions given on this page are designed to make it easier to identify the verbs. Most verbs have more meanings than are listed here.

Most irregular verbs are included in the list. If a verb is not included here, it is probably regular.

obedecer* (to obey), obligar* (to force, oblige), obstruir* (to block), obtener* (to obtain), ofrecer* (to give, offer), oír (to hear), oler (to smell), olvidar* (to forget), oponer* (to oppose), organizar* (to organize), oscurecer* (to darken), otorgar* (to grant)

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