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Platiquemos FSI Language Program: Basic Course Level 1

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Platiquemos FSI Language Program


The Bottom Line

The Platiquemos adaptation of the Foreign Service Institute Spanish program is ideal for the serious student. It provides numerous drills as well as background on grammar and culture.


  • Extremely thorough
  • Pays special attention to precise pronunciation
  • Available in CD, tape and download formats


  • More expensive than some other Spanish courses
  • Manual doesn't have color illustrations


  • Spanish language course is an updated and expanded version of the Foreign Language Institute program
  • Audio CD version reviewed here; also available in other formats
  • Emphasis is on gaining verbal profiency in the langauge
  • Available in eight levels (first level is reviewed here)
  • Course uses concept of "overlearning" so that the material is learned well
  • All Spanish-language audio is performed by native speakers, primarily from Latin America
  • Manual includes grammar lessons, pronunciation descriptions and numerous cultural notes
  • Material is designed to be used in a classroom setting, although it could be used by self-learners
  • Course is unabashedly designed for the serious student

Guide Review - Platiquemos FSI Language Program: Basic Course Level 1

The Platiquemos Language Program is designed for the student who is serious about learning the language, and those who take the time to go through its numerous exercises will be able to speak the language well. (Yes, the drills can get tedious at terms, but this course is designed to help you learn.) This course is modeled after the Foreign Service Institute Program and emphasizes verbal proficiency. The program materials suggest use as part of a course taught by a native speaker, although it has more resources than do most "do it yourself" courses. This course is more expensive than some others, but it is also far more thorough. If cost is a concern, download a portion of it from the course Web site to see what you're paying for.

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