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Spanish Literature: Poetry
Guide picks
Spanish Literature: Poetry

Album Pere Gimferrer
This excellent site focused on Pere Gimferrer offers outstanding material about this poet: from poems to a complete bibliography. Excellent design. Both in Catalonian and in Spanish.

Catalan Poetry Selection
A chance to enjoy the best Catalonian poets: Salvador Espriu, Gimferrer, Riba, Maragall or Joan Brossa. In English and Catalonian.

Federico García Lorca
Nice site: 11 poems, a photo gallery, and some of his fabulous drawings. Only in Spanish.

Federico García Lorca
Several poems by Lorca and a brief bio can be found in this site. All in English.

Federico García Lorca
This is part of the cultural events held to commemorate the centenary of Lorca's birth. In De Granada a la luna (From Granada to the Moon) collaborate people like musicians John Cale and Maria del Mar Bonet or filmmakers like Rosa Verges or Mariano Barroso. Nice design. Must-see: Lorca's biography.

Golden Age Spanish Sonnets
Alix Ingber selected 101 sonnets by Quevedo, Góngora, Garcilaso, and Cervantes among others. The Classics worth the visit.

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
The Rimas by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer are poems that every Spanish teenager have read. The best Spanish Romantic poetry. Only in Spanish.

This is a site about Spanish Medieval and Renaissance Literature. There are texts, a magazine, bibliography, and links. Only in Spanish.

Poesía Castellana
Antonio López gathers in his site a small, but nice Spanish poetry anthology: Cervantes, Góngora, Lope, Machado, Quevedo, and Rosalía. Only in Spanish.

Poetas Andaluces
Andalucía is the land of some of the best Spanish poets. In this site all the Andalusian poets are gathered for your pleasure. From Nobel Prize Juan Ramón Jiménez, to Al-Andalus Ibn Hazim de Córdoba, a great journey through some of the best Spanish poetry.

Rafael Alberti
The life of Alberti, the last member of the 27th generation is summarized in this article. More info about this extraordinary poet.

Revista San Juan de la Cruz
This magazine has articles about San Juan de la Cruz and his works. It's difficult to navigate, so look for an icon at the bottom left corner to find the articles. Only in Spanish.

St. John of the Cross
This site allows English speaking people to read online the Collected Works of St. John of the Cross, the fantastic mystic poet of the 16th century.

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