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Spanish Food
Guide picks
Selected sites with information on the most popular and famous Spanish products.

This is one of the best Spanish sites. Recipes, jokes, cook tips and tricks, and the first on-line culebron (soup opera), Pasarela de Ambicion. Only in Spanish.

Bonito del Norte
Information on the most tasteful tuna fish: el Bonito del Norte. Only in Spanish.

A 100 years old company that produces olive and seeds oil, nuts, and dried fruits.

Casa Tarradellas
This Catalonian company makes and sells excellent sausages. In its official site you can find corporate information, tales, recipes, and news. Only in Spanish and Catalonian.

Cheese From Spain
A whole site focused on Spanish cheese. Excellent information. Excellent site.

Chicles Trex
Spanish chewing-gum. Info on the products, odd news, and the chance to create your own Trex advertising. Only in Spanish.

Chocolates Valor
This is the site of David's favorite chocolate. Here you have the history of the company and some info about its products. Only in Spanish.

Well-known company recognized by its excellent preserved vegetables. Quality from La Rioja.

Coosur is one of the leading companies in the olive oil sector in Spain. Here there's info about its products, history, and the Mediterranean diet.

Food Glossary
This is very useful: a food glossary English-Spanish.

Fruta Viva
This is one of the best fruit juice companies in Spain. You can find here monthly articles, recipes, beauty tricks, healthy recipes, and much more. Only in Spanish.

Gastronomía de Aragón
Very brief information about Aragón’s gastronomy. Only in Spanish.

Jamón Serrano
Something we are really proud of: Cured Ham or Jamón Serrano. Excellent information about this product and jamón-based recipes

Mahou is one of the most popular Spanish beer companies. This is a very nice site, although you need the latest browsers and MacroMedia Flash to fully enjoy it. Only in Spanish.

The Mediterranean Diet
Spaniards found out not so long ago, that our diet is one of the healthiest ones. In this site, you can learn what it is and what the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are.

Orujo de Galicia
A whole site devoted to Galician Aguardiente (traditional liquor). Nice section of recipes.

El Pavo
Official site of this popular pasta company: recipes, corporate information, data on pasta and its nutritional elements. Only in Spanish.

Photos of Spanish dishes and food
Yes, it's that simple as that: photos and images of Spanish specialties.

Restaurantes Hoy
This is a good site to find “the” place to have that meal you are thinking on. You'll find a complete and actualised Spanish Restaurants' guide. Find your place by province, type of meal, budget. Take a look at the list of new restaurants. Only in Spanish.

Spanish Food Directory
Learn or improve your Spanish using this Spanish Dictionary for Spanish Food terms not normally included in Spanish dictionaries. An excellent resource for people interesting on Spanish language. From Go Madrid.

Saimaza is a well known coffee brand in Spain. In this site you’ll find a shop, recipes prepared with coffee, and information about the different types of coffee. In Spanish.

San Miguel
Excellent site of San Miguel beers. Multimedia and interactive, you need a 4 version browser. Only in Spanish.

Vichy Catalan
It's one of the best waters you can possibly drink. This company is more that 100 years old and it's also the owner of one of the best European spas. Only in Spanish.

For 150 years this company has been selling olive oil, olives, and mayonnaise, and its trademark has become to mean first quality products.

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