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Translation Notes on 'Hanukkah'


These translation notes are for Janucá, originally written in English by Lisa Katz, former About.com Guide to Judaism. The English source for this article no longer exists online.

1. Words and names of Hebrew or Greek origin used in this article, including Janucá and Judas, are inconsistently spelled by Spanish writers. Spellings used here are those most commonly used.

2. Unlike the names of most holidays, Janucá usually stands alone without a definite article. Most but not all writers, when they assign a gender to Janucá, treat is as masculine.

3. It is a common practice among Jewish writers to avoid writing names of God in full, so in English the spelling "G-d" is often used as the divine name. D-os and Di-s are often used in Spanish the same way; the choice of the second variation in this translation was arbitrary.

4. The selection from 1 Maccabees is taken from a traditional Spanish translation of the Hebrew rather than translated from the selection as it appeared in the English article.

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